CCM Advisory Services

Align your customer communication strategy to deliver better business results, every time.

Deliver the right message through the right channel at the right time.

Customers are the lifeblood of any company. Meeting their expectations determines not only your company’s success, but its very survival. Today’s customers expect personalized, consistent, timely, and relevant communications delivered through the channels of their choice wherever and whenever they want it. The businesses that prioritize customer experience will retain their customers and achieve growth.

You can trust ValueMomentum’s team of expert consultants to assess and develop a CCM blueprint that uses omni-channel delivery to engage customers and increase productivity. We’ll customize your CCM to meet the specifications of your customer communication strategy.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Implementation Architecture Definition

When done correctly, CCM system implementation can be the transformative edge that your firm needs to stay competitive. While many enterprises have embraced digital transformation, the need for automated solutions to meet customer communication expectations has accelerated in recent years. Companies that want to grow in the digital age can no longer put off modernizing their CCM platform.

ValueMomentum’s team of CCM experts can help businesses realize their vision for customer communications. By applying our industry-specific knowledge, we can help you build a modern CCM that will drive meaningful engagement across the entire customer journey.

Legacy Assessment and Migration Roadmap

ValueMomentum’s team of expert consultants assess what you have and what you need to map out a migration plan for your modern CCM system. Our team will support you in capability roadmaps, usability analysis, rationalizing application estate forms, and modernizing your CCM with platforms such as OpenText Exstream, Smart Communications, and Quadient Inspire.

Project Plan and Budgeting

Our consultants collaborate with stakeholders within the organization to draw up a sustainable strategy and budget. Our team will also help you develop a project plan to implement the technology and cloudification required to keep up with market trends, nurture customer relationships at scale, and orchestrate customer communications across multiple channels and touchpoints. Extract the most value from your customer communications with integrated up-selling and cross-communications that increase revenue and loyalty

Center of Excellence (CoE) Setup

We help organizations define the vision, architecture, and implementation standards for their CoE enablement. With a more automated management of customer communications, your business will garner greater engagement and higher customer satisfaction rates coupled with increased efficiencies and economies of scale.

With ValueMomentum, you’ll be able to build a CCM that enables a next-generation strategy for relevant and responsive communication with your customers. Better customer experiences lead to increased loyalty and greater efficiencies, which reduces costs, making it a winning strategy all around.

Resources for Customer Communication Management