Enterprise Data Advisory

Leverage all data as an asset

Design and execute a strategy that will unlock insights from data and infuse intelligence into business decisions

Having volumes of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources is a challenge every enterprise understands. In an age where customer demands and market changes happen quickly, organizations need to make adjustments to their business rapidly in order to keep up. ValueMomentum provides advisory services that focus on developing data & analytics visions, strategies, approaches and designs or architectures to help companies leverage data for business intelligence.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Data Quality & Data Source Analysis

Accurate and up-to-date data is the foundation to drive an organization’s reporting and analytics. We help companies define, analyze and improve their data quality in order to increase the integrity and trust in the volumes of data they collect. When data is clean and well understood, it opens the door to the many possibilities with analytics.

Modern Data Platform Strategy

Infuse your day-to-day operations with the flexibility and agility it needs to meet the demands of today’s rapidly-changing market. Leading insurance, banking & lending and healthcare enterprises leverage ValueMomentum’s modern data platform strategy services to help transition from traditional data warehouses to cloud-based platforms. We leverage our industry and technology expertise to help you design the right strategy, understand your platform options and choose the appropriate platform to power your business.

Data Governance Strategy

Having a strategy to define and manage critical data is essential to establish a single and trusted view of data across the organization. Enterprises leverage our data governance strategy services to design and implement a method to manage data and hence breed trust in the integrity of the data so that users will feel empowered to look to data for insights.

Cloud Native Data Strategy

More and more companies are considering the move to cloud-native platforms in order to rapidly deliver customized applications and capabilities. Although a cloud-native platform will provide the desired agility, organizations need to have the right data architecture in place to support this transition. Our team of data and cloud technology experts will help you design a comprehensive strategy to address the architecture of the data as well as map out the steps to guide you in your cloud-native transformation.

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