Quality Engineering

Acquire the agility to automate repetitive tasks across the test life cycle to drive speed without compromising on user experience.

Quality Engineering addresses the need to reduce test life cycle time without conceding test effectiveness, allowing enterprises to focus on pursuing their digital adoption initiatives.

In today’s world, enterprises expect their testing function to play a major role in cutting cost, reducing test timelines and ensuring better alignment of systems to business objectives. This demands test organizations to transform into Quality Engineering organizations. ValueMomentum supports this transformation by offering capabilities for automation across the test life cycle that includes automated requirement analysis, automated test design, integration with CI-CD pipeline and Machine Learning-based solutions that optimize regression test suites, alignment of the most impacted test sets for execution, defect triage and a host of other engineering solutions.

Here’s what we can do for you

Technology Assurance Services

Digital adoption is mandating organizations to relook at their technology stack and adopt technology solutions that enable them to seamlessly integrate with ecosystem partners using API’s and Webservices.

ValueMomentum’s Technology Assurance Services focus on testing API’s and Webservices to ensure all interface functionalities adhere to business objectives while enhancing user experience through performance & security tests built into our API & Webservices test strategy. Our experience with commercial as well as open-source tools supported by our solution accelerators and frameworks help customers reduce test cycle time and achieve the twin objectives of lower cost and higher quality.

Continuous Automation/Life Cycle Automation Services

Enterprises are increasingly focusing on faster and more nimble engineering practices to help them deliver their business objectives. ValueMomentum has experience in improving engineering practices! Our Quality Engineering team has developed expertise in identifying and eliminating test practices that still rely on manual and repetitive tasks. Using a combination of Machine Learning and traditional technology capabilities, we focus on smart automation of different test life cycle phases to improve the speed, agility and quality of testing practices. Few examples of such solutions include automatic generation of optimized test scenarios, elimination of redundant tests in existing regression test suite, and analysis of code changes to understand the impact of those changes on the application functionality, and then automatically selecting the best set test cases for the highest probability of detecting defects. Our solutions can also scan through your historical defect data base and help you automatically conduct defect triage to help you better maintain your systems and processes.

Non-functional Testing Services

Enterprises adopting rapid digitization of their services are keen to ensure their software and products are built to deliver an optimized customer experience across all channels. In addition to a well-designed user interface for customer-facing applications, there is an implicit expectation that the systems and software do not exhibit performance degradation, time out or have vulnerabilities. ValueMomentum’s Non-Functional Testing Services focus on validating that the systems deliver expected business outcomes through a host of tests focusing on Load and Performance of applications, whether they are hosted on web, mobile or cloud-based. Our software security testing services focus on conducting static code vulnerability analysis and dynamic security testing analysis. Going hand-in-hand with this, our Accessibility Testing services focus on validating UI design for ease of navigation and adherence to Accessibility testing standards.

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