Property & Casualty Insurers

IT services with Property & Casualty (P/C) insurance specialization and with a focus on speed and digital transformation. For us, P/C specialization is not just expertise on widely used applications, it is also a deep understanding of P/C insurance lines of business, products, actuarial models, underwriting rule sets, rating logic, filing, forms, agent concerns, customer concerns, bureau data, 3rd party data analytics, and much more. Similarly, we drive speed & digital transformation with teams of P/C experienced analysts, programmers & testers, who are well versed in the applications, business processes, and business activities of insurance.

Challenges & Opportunity

Some people see obstacles.

As a P/C insurer, it’s a disruptive time for you. Whether it’s swiftly changing user expectations, emerging digital ecosystems or InsureTech competition, you’re not only encountering rapidly evolving business threats but also facing a tight employment market for attracting the right technology talent.

But you see opportunity.

Fortunately, there’s now more technology options for addressing disruptions than ever before. Insurers now have access to AI-driven cloud platforms, microservices-based architectures, thin apps, intuitive business user tools, and more, to become a modern digital insurer capable of responding quickly to competitive opportunities and threats.

Focused on delivering value to Insurance Carriers to drive momentum to their initiatives.

Our domain focused technology offerings enable P&C carriers build better products, adapt to rapid change and serve valued customer more efficiently.

Our professional services help deliver value to your projects, bring programs to successful fruition, save costs and provide access to specialized resources enabling your teams to focus on what’s most important for them – driving business momentum.

Resources for P&C Insurers