Core Systems Testing Services

Proven comprehensive testing approaches that deliver increased speed, efficiency, and ROI.

Optimize your systems and drive business outcomes with a team that understands your business goals.

ValueMomentum's Core System Testing Services is based on business outcome; we test with the goal of achieving business outcomes rather than IT outcomes. Some sample metrics include: items written per day/week/month, >80% automation of agent submissions, 40% faster underwriting decisions, 100% automated self service of post new business transactions, 100% automated electronic commission payments, and 10% reduction in claims cycle time. Given our domain experience, we fully understand the client's expectations from the business standpoint. This allows us to implement early measurement, which helps our clients take proactive actions to improve business outcome.

Here’s what we can do for you

Policy Testing

Our team understands the entire policy lifecycle and can test from beginning to end. We have a thorough approach supported by reusable process assets, domain assets and technology accelerators. This helps us do comprehensive testing while increasing efficiency and effectiveness through our accelerators. Our Policy Testing accounts for complex policy transactions that mimic production like scenarios including some of the uncommon ones. Policy testing is supported by reusable assets to increase quality and reduce effort.

Billing Testing

We understand the elements of Billing Testing, Critical Integrations and Best Practices. All of these are taken into consideration for Billing Testing. We provide you with reusable process assets, reusable domain assets, and technology accelerators, and focus on 12 major elements of billing testing in our tested and proven approach.

The 12 major elements of billing testing are:
  • Financial Transaction
  • Integration Scenarios
  • Refunds Processing
  • Invoice Processing
  • Commissions Processing
  • Special Endorsement
  • Date Advancement or Time Travel Testing
  • Forms Testing
  • Test Data Preparation
  • Downstream Validation
  • Batch Process Testing
  • End to End Testing

Claim Testing

Our Claim Testing Approach is Comprehensive. We cover the entire claim lifecycle via UI, after testing a major portion of the functionalities via APIs and Integrations. This gives the maximum benefit for the effort spent and also increases speed.

Forms Testing 

Based on our experience, Forms testing scope should include 6 major areas: Layout, Inference, Content, Variance, Delivery and Recipient. We use a combination of automation approach for testing forms end-to-end. This includes API automation, content validation automation, visual validation, and PDF comparison. Some of our best practices include:
  • Testing all forma at least once for applicable transaction and state
  • Automate to get greater coverage
  • Test all forms in scope for aesthetics by printing the policy documents
  • Testing forms generation on applicable Policy transactions for both positive and negative conditions

Rate Testing

We have a thorough rate testing approach that includes 7 different areas – plumbing validation, rate table comparison, rates for simple scenarios, automated high volume (e.g. New Business testing), Rate Comparison Tool, rates for other policy events testing, and validation of rating related integrations. Our approach includes objectives, scenarios, and benefits for each of these areas. The total combinations for Rate Testing could be millions. To have maximum coverage with minimal effort, we use scientific approaches such as PICT, OATS, Pair wise Testing and automation. The other automation aspect includes rate calculator, automated test data generation, and automated rate comparison.

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