Enterprise Data Management

Integrate data sources and migrate to modern technology

Build the data foundation your team needs to deliver insight and drive business value

Data management is a big challenge for many companies embarking on a digital transformation. The volume and sources of data are ever increasing, making it more difficult for organizations to keep up. Since data is the foundation upon which to build better customer experiences, services and products, industry leaders are those who can aggregate critical data, have a solid data management process and leverage modern technology to uncover data insights. ValueMomentum’s team of data experts help enterprises build a strong data foundation to support the digital goals of the organizations now and into the future.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Data Warehouse Support

The quality of your business decisions is dependent on the quality of your Data Warehouse. ValueMomentum’s data team understands this critical relationship. VM’s Datawarehouse Support Services provide 16x5/25x7 support to ensure that your data analytics foundation is ready and available to deliver the insights your organization needs to compete in the digital economy.

Data Integration

Bring data from various sources together to enhance your view of the customer. With ValueMomentum’s Data Integration Services, we’ll provide you with the expertise and tools to cleanse and transform your data to support business decisions.

Data Migration

Migrating data from legacy systems to modern core systems is a business necessity. Unfortunately, data migration is a process full of complexities and challenges. ValueMomentum’s data team have the expertise to guide you from research, to strategy, to data discovery. We’ll help you plan, design, execute and test using SSIS, Informatica, DataStage and DataMigrator to successfully migrate your data onto the new platform.

Reports Modernization

Improve and enhance the quality of business reports by standardizing and modernizing reporting from legacy to modern BI platforms. ValueMomentum’s Reports Modernization Services will help you leverage BI platforms and tools such as Power BI, Qlik Sense and Tableau to increase efficiency in your operational and Stat reporting process.

DataOps - Data Operations Support

Delivering on data is more important today due to unexpected, unannounced, and unending changes to the data structures, infrastructure, and semantics. Traditional data integration processes need to take into account these dynamics and avoid the pitfalls of Pipelines breaking and spending hours fixing them, or delivering wrong data. DataOps support the modern enterprise data needs, including real-time dashboards, data needs for perspective, and predictive analytics models of data science teams.

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