ITSM Automation

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Fully realizing the benefits from digital and cloud requires transforming the speed, delivery and impact of your technology efforts by embracing IT services management (ITSM) innovations. This includes combining AI-based machine learning, task automation, asset consolidation and operations visibility to streamline your IT environment, increase productivity and boost utilization while simultaneously reducing costs. Our ITSM experts can assist you with optimizing the three fundamental pillars of ITSM – service, asset and operations management – to establish ITSM as one of your organization’s core strength.

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IT Service Management

Although IT services management best practices are well-established at most insurance companies, what’s new is the ability to automate tasks, gain analytical insights and consolidate redundant services to benefit your bottom line. Our IT Services Management team can help you select and deploy the best ITSM technologies, tools and processes for your industry-specific domain. Let us help you to create modern digital workflows infused with the intelligence you need to exceed employee and customer experience expectations every day.

IT Asset Management

Once thought of as primarily focused on optimizing software licenses, IT Asset Management (ITAM) has come of age. Modern ITAM tools and best practices go beyond licenses to reveal which physical assets you have, what they cost, where they are, how they’re configured and who is using them (or, in the case of obsolete assets, whether they’re being used at all). Most importantly, the best ITAM tools add automation and controls to ensure you manage assets efficiently, enforce policies effectively and meet regulatory requirements promptly. Put our industry-savvy IT Asset Management Team to work assisting you with optimizing your lifecycle investments, improving decision-making, reducing costs and mitigating risks.

IT Operations Management

Like ITSM and ITAM, IT Operations Management (ITOM) is today’s high-tech answer to yesterday’s manual best practices. It enables you to infuse automation and analytical insights for streamlined and intelligent management of the capacity, performance and availability of your computing, networking and application resources – regardless of where they reside. Our experienced, industry-specific ITOM team can help you move from reactive to proactive with the right tool for eliminating outages and reducing risk to ensure your IT resources deliver on their promises around the clock.

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