Core Platforms Testing Services

Innovative and comprehensive platform testing to increase agility and deliver high quality products across all platforms.

No matter your insurance platform of choice, ValueMomentum has you covered with comprehensive, application specific testing.

ValueMomentum has breadth of experience across all insurance platforms, including: Duck Creek, Guidewire, InsuranceNow, Majesco, OneShield, CallidusCloud, SalesForce, Agencyport, Esurety, Ebix, Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform, and Insurity. We understand the nuances of testing these platforms. We also know what works well and what doesn’t for these platforms. Our application specific Testing focuses on all aspects rather than UI alone to test these applications.

Here’s what we can do for you

DuckCreek Testing

Our End-to-End Testing of Duck Creek Application uses a combination of UI, API and Downstream Automation. Our testing approach starts from the front-end application—such as the one used by underwriters or agents—that connects to Duck Creek by APIs for further data flow to downstream systems. We believe that some of Duck Creek’s automation tools such as Test Automation Center (TAC) and Regression Runner (RR) often complement the automation effort undertaken by our insurer clients.

Guidewire Testing

Our Guidewire Testing not only focuses on Comprehensive QA Delivery but also on Innovation. We have a comprehensive approach that addresses Sprint Testing, System Integration Testing, Automation, and Test Data Management. For clients that use Guidewire SBT, we document deviations and create Product Model with deviations only. This helps us to test only for SBT deviations and SBT upgrades. Our Risk Based State Variance Testing approach helps clients roll out to multi states faster with high quality. Our non-traditional automation and innovation includes:
  • In-Sprint automation
  • API automation
  • Test data automation
  • Automated metrics and reporting (Hygieia, PowerBI, EazyBI etc.)
  • Forms automation
  • Data conversion automation
  • AI/ML capability for defect prediction and smart testing
  • NLP based test case optimization

Majesco Testing

In line with our Application Specific Testing approach, we carefully design the testing scope to target testing of all layers of Majesco Application. Through our Automation Framework, we have successfully called Majesco APIs for increased speed of QA delivery. We have proven experience in Majesco ICD/ICM, Digital 1st and their Data Products. We combine our P&C experience with Majesco experience to deliver high quality products to our clients that use Majesco.

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