Digital Testing Services

Transform the way testing is done to enhance customer experience and operational efficiencies.

Pursue your digital transformational goals with confidence – be assured that your software systems have been thoroughly tested.

Whether your organization has completely digitalized its software ecosystem or is pursuing a staged digital adoption for different software systems, the need for a comprehensive test strategy is critical for success. To keep up with the pace of digital, the strategy has to be agile and nimble. More importantly, it needs to focus on delivering enhanced customer experience, driving out costs and improving operational efficiencies.

Here’s what we can do for you

Cloud Migration Testing

Whether the focus is on migrating to cloud or actively driving cloud adoption, test organizations must take a differentiated approach to deliver cost optimization and provide comprehensive tests to multi cloud adoption initiatives. ValueMomentum’s cloud testing experience includes conducting workload analysis, planning for resiliency testing, running end-to-end performance testing on different cloud environments, data migration testing, and frontend & backend process validation to ensure functional and data flow accuracy.

Omni Channel & IVR System Testing

Digital adoption for enterprises is a complicated activity and involves integrating different strategies to seamlessly work with each other. ValueMomentum understands this need to be able to communicate and interact with a wide variety of channels within the customer journey. Our tests are designed to validate a system’s ability to deliver a personalized and optimized experience that is seamless and consistent across different channels. Our Omni Channel and IVR System Testing platform integrates ValueMomentum’s industry specific reusable test libraries with solutions from leading tools that include automated functional testing, IVR system testing, multi-device mobile testing and performance testing.

API & Web Services Testing

Digital transformation requires a different way of thinking--one that sees technology challenges as an opportunity to transform the way testing is planned and conducted instead of a problem to solve. This requires a significant shift in focus, from UI-based testing to non-UI based testing. One of the proven approaches to accomplish this is API and Web Services testing to significantly reduce testing time while enhancing a team’s ability to identify deep rooted defects that are difficult to identify from the UI. ValueMomentum has delivered on complex API and Web Services engagements by focusing on elements such as testing every input parameter of an API and ensuring that the processing logic, exception handling and output results are predictable and as expected. For Web Services, our approach consists of understanding WSDL file and its functionality, determining the request and response XML formats, and designing different combinations of test data and run tests.

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