App Development

Turbocharge every app development - mobile, on-prem and cloud - to meet customer and market demands

Deliver business agility and engaging customer experiences by taking an application-centric development approach

In a world that’s quickly become all about apps, IT teams at leading insurance companies are addressing today’s constantly changing business needs by learning new ways to develop and launch mobile, on-premises and cloud-based applications. They’re also jump-starting these efforts by partnering with ValueMomentum to gain industry-specific expertise and technology tools to help stay ahead of the pack.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Rapid App Development

Unlike traditional long development and QA cycles, rapid app development favors quickly producing working software, gaining immediate feedback and then iterating swiftly, based on inputs received. With rapid app dev, what once took our customers weeks, months or years to launch are now happening in days, hours or minutes. That’s right, with ValueMomentum’s proven rapid app expertise and framework, you can transform your development teams to ensure your on-prem, mobile and cloud applications are always fresh – to keep you competitive in a continuously-evolving world.

Mobile App Development

Having an app is no longer good enough. Your customers expect an elegant, intuitive and personalized app with multiple capabilities that works on any device and is constantly adapting to meet their expectations. That’s why savvy insurers leverage ValueMomentum’s industry-specific mobile app experts to ensure they’re using the tools, technologies and development processes that make their apps the go-to resource for products and services. Engagement is destiny in today’s marketplace. Give your customers the rich experiences they expect!

Cloud App Development

For agility, speed-to-market and cost savings, insurers are moving their business applications to the cloud. But building, replatforming and integrating applications using cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google and Heroku requires skills and talents many insurers have yet to fully establish or mature. This makes partnering with ValueMomentum the smart choice for designing, developing and launching cloud apps quickly and effectively to infuse your business with the agility it needs to keep your company ahead of the rest.

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