QualityLeap - Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Leverage next-gen quality assurance and testing services to achieve impactful business outcomes for your firm.

Offer superior customer experiences while ensuring the speed, quality, and security of your applications

ValueMomentum’s advanced Quality Assurance and Testing Services are designed to help your firm deliver innovative products and services at the speed of digital. From Quality Engineering to Digital Testing Services, our QA and insurance domain experts offer faster, better, and a more cost-effective QA solution.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Quality Engineering

ValueMomentum offers Quality Engineering through Extreme Automation. From Requirement Analysis to Test Case Development, and Environment Setup to Test Cycle Closure, our team of experts can automate the entire test lifecycle across all architectural layers (Data, API and UI) and Technologies (Web and Mobile). Our suite of Quality Engineering Services include Continuous Automation, Test Data Management, Performance Testing, Test Automation, and Application Security Testing.

Core Systems Testing Service

ValueMomentum’s experienced Core Systems Testing Team has worked with Insurer Clients across various lines of Insurance businesses including Personal Auto, BOP, Renters, CGL, and Commercial UMB. Our engineers can work across channels and value chains to ensure high-quality QA for everything from Core Systems (Policy, Claims, Billing, Rating, and Forms) to Downstream Reports, Data Migration, and Application Testing.

Core Platforms Testing Services

When it comes to Insurance Core Platforms Testing, you can trust ValueMomentum and our years of experience in working with dozens of insurer clients. Thanks to our domain-focus, we have developed strong capabilities across all leading core systems. Whether the need is to upgrade your core platform, migrate to a new platform or add out-of-the-box features to your existing platform, we have a reliable solution to meet each of your needs. Our platform testing services are designed to address all your platform- specific -challenges, such as validation of policy processing & rules, forms validation, validation of underwriting authorization, or verification of rate routines & rate tables.

Digital Testing Services

Achieving a leadership position in digital transformation requires a different way of thinking; it requires you to stop seeing technology challenges as a problem and instead view it as an opportunity for transformation. This includes how you leverage technology to engage with customers, drive out cost, and deliver services faster. The focus here is on being agile and nimble. ValueMomentum's Digital Testing Services are designed around enhancing customer experience and improving operational process efficiencies while being considerate of business models. Our services include cloud migration testing, headless testing, Omni Channel testing, IVR systems, ETL testing, performance engineering, dynamic application testing services, and mobile farm testing.

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