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Inject flexibility and scale into your modern solutions and systems

Embrace cloud-first to be a digital winner in our hyper-connected world

Staying competitive in the ecosystem-driven digital economy requires reconfiguring IT infrastructures to become cloud-first. That’s why leading insurance, banking and healthcare companies are adopting a seamless hybrid private/public cloud approach, along with the latest technologies and practices like software-defined everything, open source development, DevOps and CloudOps. To ensure you take full advantage of your cloud, partner with the experts on our Cloud & Infrastructure Services team. We’ll provide the technology expertise, deep industry experience and proven framework to help you design, build, migrate and operate the right cloud environment for your business.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Cloud Platform Adoption

With so many cloud options, careful evaluation and adoption is needed to ensure you get the best fit for your business. For insurance, banking and healthcare companies, it’s critical to determine which of your systems could benefit from a public cloud mega platform, like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, and which are better-suited for an on-premise private cloud. Our Cloud Platform Adoption team will help you make the right choice. Then, we’ll assist you with designing a comprehensive strategy for gaining the agility of operating in the cloud while also optimizing your existing IT investments.

Cloud Migration

Successful insurance, banking and healthcare migrations start with industry-specific architecture and transformation blueprints to leverage a range of cloud-delivered technologies, such as cloud-native services, containers-as-a-service (CaaS), PaaS and IaaS. Then you need the right resources for executing your strategy efficiently and effectively, at scale, to ensure your infrastructure and apps transition smoothly while minimizing downtime and reducing risk. Our expert Cloud Migration team has experience successfully executing a seamless migration to quickly reach your goal of becoming cloud-first.


Keeping up with the accelerated pace of the digital economy requires more than just migrating to the cloud. Winning insurance, banking and healthcare companies are also embracing DevOps for the automated, collaborative and continuous delivery of reliable and engaging solutions to capture market opportunities and address user expectations. Let our experienced DevOps team help you transition to a proven approach that enables your IT department to refocus on innovation, eliminate operational bottlenecks and revolutionize how your business delivers on its goals.
Just like traditional IT environments, your cloud-based infrastructure must continuously evolve to meet the needs of your applications development and operations (DevOps) team. Similar to DevOps, a CloudOps approach focuses on providing automated, collaborative and continuous delivery of the right cloud infrastructure to support the solutions deployed by your DevOps staff. Whether you’re an insurance, banking or healthcare company, our CloudOps team knows how to help you transition your industry-specific IT operations to a CloudOps approach. Or, if you prefer, we can shoulder CloudOps responsibilities for you. Regardless, you eliminate operational bottlenecks to ensure your business can deliver on escalating user expectations and thrive in today’s ecosystem-driven economy.

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