ValueMomentum Launches Digital Experience Solution – BizDynamics for Property/Casualty Insurers

BizDynamics enables insurers with out-of-the-box apps to digitally engage with customers, agents and employees.

San Antonio, Texas – From the IASA Annual Education and Business Conference

ValueMomentum, Inc., a provider of software and services to the insurance, healthcare and financial services industries, today announced the introduction and immediate availability of BizDynamics™, a solution to help insurance carriers deploy and centrally manage digital engagements and experiences. The system has already been chosen and being implemented by two insurers.

With BizDynamics, insurers can provide customers, agents and employees with uniform digital experiences across all touchpoints. BizDynamics can accelerate an insurer’s digital transformation with out-of-the-box apps for customers, agents and employees. It allows insurers to leverage investments made in core systems through APIs and provides powerful tools to rapidly develop new apps and digital experiences.

BizDynamics enables carriers to:

  • Engage customers, agents and employees, whenever and wherever they prefer, including web, mobile, social channels and connected devices
  • Enrich these engagements with uniform and rich experiences that include rich guidance, collaboration and alerts
  • Leverage investments in core system functions, transactions and data by using well defined and managed APIs to easily and efficiently consume and utilize data

“Digital is not just mobile or omni-channel. It’s rethinking the relationships between information, people, and processes given new and evolving capabilities. It is one of three foundations of business capability, along with data and core applications. It relies on capabilities in the other two areas to work effectively,” said Matthew Josefowicz, CEO/President of Novarica.

According to Don Chase, Director of Product Strategy at ValueMomentum, “Boardroom conversations are making customer and agent focused digital engagement a top priority. Insurers are recognizing that their customers want to interact with them across different channels and devices such as web, mobile, connected car and other connected devices, when they want and from the channel most convenient at that point. These engagements across all the different channels have to be seamless and enriching for customers and agents.”

“Property/casualty insurers can benefit from BizDynamics to deliver a delightful digital experience and effectively compete and thrive in the insurance marketplace,” said Jim Carlucci, Vice President, Insurance at ValueMomentum.

ValueMomentum has offered property/casualty insurers DealFoundry Portal since 2012. BizDynamics has been conceived from the ground up as a digital experience solution, offering significantly broader benefits.

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