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Scaling With Application Engineering

How a Configuration-Driven Approach Positions Your Business for Success

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Insurers are increasingly turning to application engineering as a tactic to achieve modernization goals. However, the uniqueness of each insurer’s application architecture poses challenges in finding relevant benchmarking examples or guides for upgrades. Successful application engineering initiatives comprehensively consider factors such as infrastructure, dependent systems, developers, users, and business needs, focusing not only on implementation but also on accessibility and scalability for future growth.

This whitepaper acts as an insurance specific guide to application engineering. It will walk through:

  • Business goals application engineering can help address
  • Challenges with typical application development practices
  • An approach to build applications at scale
  • Insurance use cases

This application engineering guide will provide insurance IT leaders with the knowledge, approaches, and frameworks they need to build future-ready applications that will support their organization’s business growth strategy.