"I have been a project manager and quality manager, and I worked my way up the ladder. ValueMomentum has been fully encouraging for my growth."
"ValueMomentum is very good at finding you the right role and the right projects that best align to your strengths and career objectives."
"There is continuous support in the system that helps us to take new challenges, foster our abilities and at the same time, excel in whatever roles employees would take up."
"Working on diverse projects and technologies, which are also learning opportunities for me to prove myself professionally as well as grow as a leader in the organization."
"Got the opportunity to work on intricacies of my new field by developing applications in Alexa, Chatbot and Blockchain."
"The approachable top-level management, transparency and encouragement that we receive in this company are the key factors for the healthy environment."
"Anyone can become a leader at ValueMomentum if they are willing to take the extra initiative, and the company definitely provides you with enough opportunities."
"A conducive learning environment where almost all the assignments that I worked on were very versatile."
"If you are someone looking for a company with values and challenging career, ValueMomentum is the place."
"Entrusted with the responsibility to take leadership all alone and handle multiple projects."
"The best part about ValueMomentum’s culture is open-door policy, which helps us with the ease of access to the higher management, which in turn propels us in the career growth."
"Gives value to our opinions and opportunity to showcase our leadership skills."
"Freedom to express our ideas, interest and concerns related to projects and career growth to the senior management."