Cloud Insurance

Cloud Transformation in Insurance: A Practical Guide to Assess and Prepare for the Cloud

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The digital revolution is bringing unprecedented changes to all industries, including insurance. Cloud computing offers the agility insurers need to meet changing customer demands. By adopting cloud technology, insurers are realizing benefits in speed, flexibility and capacity—capabilities that are essential to deliver the products, services and experiences that delight today’s customers.

If you are responsible for preparing your organization for cloud adoption—while also securing the data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and establishing the necessary controls for this new paradigm—you may find yourself involved in a transformation of your organization’s infrastructure and operations, application portfolios, enterprise architecture, standards, and more.

Assessing your organization’s cloud readiness and developing a comprehensive strategy to take the enterprise through cloud adoption is critical to success. The next generation of leaders will consist of insurers that understand their needs for cloud, have a plan to build a foundation for cloud adoption, and thoughtfully align their cloud transformation strategy to larger enterprise goals as they move forward.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How to prepare for cloud adoption
  • Critical areas to assess for cloud readiness
  • A simple cloud assessment framework for insurers