The Challenge

The magnitude of the suffering caused by COVID around the world is enormous. The deaths of a number of our coworkers, as well as the loss of life in coworkers' families, and the community as a whole, have left us heartbroken. We decided to act boldly and swiftly.

The Solution

At ValueMomentum, we're driven by the belief that COVID can be beat, and we're determined to do our part. We believe that a crisis of this magnitude needs everyone to step-up. We pledged to do everything in our power to support the community and the governament in this crisis.

Covid Relief Initiatives

Isolation Center for the Needy

Isolation centers play a critical role in fighting the pandemic. We partnered with Seva Bharathi in operating a 200-bed free COVID isolation center in the outskirts of Hyderabad. The center is well equipped doctors, nurses, food, medicines, equipment, and ambulance along with a call center providing online counselling to callers, fee medical kits and oxygen concentrators on demand.

We were able to reach out to the most vulnerable members of the community as a result of this initiative. High-quality treatment was dispensed with special focus attention to COVID care guidelines.

Supported the COVID Frontline Workers

The frontline workers risked their own lives in this pandemic to carry out their duties. We are grateful for their service, and stand in solidarity to support all front-line workers who continue to be a positive force in our community through this crisis.

We supported the frontline personnel of the Hyderabad Police Department who have stepped up to serve the population at large during the pandemic, and delivered Oxygen Concentrators to them

More Stories

Collaborated with ‘Doctors For You’ for protecting the protectors

Funded setting up of 3 new oxygen plants for medical use

Distributed 250 Oxygen concentrators across India till date

Adoption of 1 of 19 mini-hospitals

Supported setting up of a 170-Bed Hospital

Isolation Facility for Law Enforcement