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  • Transitioning from a ‘Project’ to a ‘Product’ Mindset

    “In this constantly evolving world of Digitization and Cloud Computing, many organizations are adopting the product-centric mindset to deliver rapid value to customers. A recent Gartner report found that 85% of respondents are embracing the product-centric approach. This shift in approach necessitates a fundamental transformation in how teams are organized and how work is completed and delivered. As a project team member, you may be wondering what this means for you and how you can orient yourself to support this journey. Join this virtual meetup to hear from a panel of experts about how you can get ready to embrace the project-to-product transition successfully. During this meetup you will learn:

    • What is a product-centric mindset?
    • Why make a switch from ‘project’ to ‘product’? What are the benefits?
    • What is the roadmap for becoming a product-centric organization?
    • How will this change impact IT teams and your daily work?
    • How do we drive the Shift + Right initiatives?
    • Role of Hyperautomation in the product-centric world”

    November 18 2022 03:00pm
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  • Guidewire Cloud Platform is being rapidly adopted by insurers – Are you Ready?

    Guidewire Cloud Platform is designed to transform the way InsuranceSuite applications are used to create, launch, and manage new insurance products and simplify how analytics insights are put into action. You may be asking yourself, “am I ready to wield my Guidewire platform skills and expertise for Guidewire Cloud Platform”? Join this virtual meeting to hear from a panel of practitioners on the imperatives for cloud, key considerations and how you can get ready to enhance your Guidewire business analysis, development, integration or testing skills. During this session you will learn:

    • Key Industry Trends – What is the imperative for Cloud?
    • Key considerations for upgrading from self-managed instances to GW Cloud
    • An overview on the Guidewire Cloud Platform including an overview on Advanced Product Designer (APD)

    September 16 2022 02:00pm
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  • Building Next-Gen Insurance Solutions using Guidewire

    Keeping up with customer demands in the digital era requires property & casualty insurers to adopt emerging technologies and innovate. But, complicated legacy core systems and limited IT resources pose significant challenges for P&C insurers. This is where Guidewire’s insurance platform proves invaluable, enabling insurers to modernize their core applications and help increase operational effectiveness, productivity, and innovation. The Guidewire Cloud Platform (GWCP) has the potential to improve speed, agility, and innovation further for P&C insurers. One of the primary goals of the GWCP is to make development easier. With tools like Advanced Product Designer (APD), developers can help their organizations launch products faster on the cloud platform.

    August 05 2022 03:00pm
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  • Global Azure 2022, organized by ValueMomentum

    ValueMomentum is happy to bring you the fifth edition, the Global Azure 2022. This event is free and open to everyone across the world who is interested in learning about MS Azure-based technology stack.

    We have a line-up of interactive and experiential sessions in which participants can understand and visualize the full gamut of Microsoft Azure technologies. The speakers in the event come with a rich and diverse experience in Microsoft Technology Stack from an end-to-end perspective. You will also get to meet business executives who have seen the fruits of adopting digital technologies from Microsoft Azure Stack. If you are interested in the technology and business implications of adopting an MS Azure-based digital stack, you will find the sessions extremely interesting.

    May 06 2022 10:00am
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  • Implementing RPA at Scale with Microsoft Power Automate

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used process automation technologies. Microsoft’s Power Automate is an emerging RPA platform that provides users with a low-code automation experience while automating routine, time-consuming, and repetitive desktop tasks. Microsoft PowerApps is one of the powerful tools for developing “low code – no code” apps quickly, and it helps address the above challenge.

    Join this meetup to hear from a panel of experts as they discuss Robotic Process Automation and its use cases, driving success with large-scale RPA implementations, and harnessing the combined power of PowerApps and Power Automate to develop enterprise-scale applications.

    February 04 2022 03:00pm
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  • MuleSoft Anypoint Runtime Fabric Implementation on Amazon EKS

    MuleSoft Anypoint Runtime Fabric is a container service that automates and orchestrates deployment of Mule applications into private cloud or on-premise data centers. Leveraging RFT, enterprises can streamline the deployment, management, and scaling of Mule Runtimes by removing the complexity associated with containerization technologies. Having Anypoint RTF running as a service on Amazon EKS provides many advantages, including lower infrastructure costs, greater control, flexibility of deployment, and fewer overhead costs.

    October 29 2021 03:00pm
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  • Snowflake: A modern data platform for today’s data-driven organizations

    The data economy has arrived. As organisations are becoming increasingly digital, massive volumes of data are generated. Traditional warehouses have limitations when it comes to managing volume, variety, velocity, and validity of data.

    July 16 2021 07:00pm
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  • Global Azure 2021 organized by ValueMomentum

    Following the success of three previous Global Azure Bootcamps, ValueMomentum is happy to bring you the Global Azure 2021 in collaboration with Microsoft! This event is free and open to everyone across the world who is interested in learning about MS Azure-based technology stack.

    April 15 2021 10:00am
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  • Agile Project Management with Azure DevOps

    In this interactive online session, Gouri Sohoni, Microsoft MVP, will walk you through the process of work item tracking & traceability, creating & managing sprints, customizing Kanbun boards, backlogs, and more!

    March 20 2021 10:00am
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