A Day in the Life of a
Solution Lead
at ValueMomentum :
Sriram Gudimella

Sriram Gudimella, Solution Lead, DataLeverage

I’m Sriram Gudimella, a technologist with a management degree. As a kid, I was interested in numbers, solving problems, and puzzles. I think my penchant for numbers made me gravitate towards building a career in DataScience. I’ve been with ValueMomentum for the last four years and currently serving as a Solution Lead with the DataLeverage team.
I’m a certified data scientist and I believe that Data has important stories to tell, but relies on us,i.e. Data Scientists, to give it a voice.
What do you work on within the Data & Analytics team at ValueMomentum?
At ValueMomentum, I lead the solution efforts and spearhead the competency building initiatives for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. My team and I work on cutting-edge technologies and modern Data platforms such as Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Open Source algorithms to solve customers’ data challenges. It gives me immense satisfaction when I’m able to make a difference to a client’s business by helping them make data-driven decisions.

Throughout my tenure at ValueMomentum, I’m fortunate to have worked on strategic data projects spanning across the entire Data Lifecycle. I’m thankful to the leadership team here for being continuously supportive of all my efforts and endeavours, enabling me to experiment without the fear of failure.

Currently, my team is focussed on building a solution on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for text extraction, voice-based Call Analytics and a blend of AI-based Image Segmentation and Classification Models.

What does a typical day look like for a Solution Lead at ValueMomentum?
My typical day entails checking emails first thing in the morning after I reach the office, followed by attending meetings with the team to discuss any open items and strategizing on the solution approach.

As the day progresses, I meet with the client teams as well as ValueMomentum’sDelivery &Sales teams to prepare for the Proof of Concept demonstrations. I also make it a point to spend at least an hour a day to upskill myself to stay relevant in this ever-changing tech world.

Almost all my working days would end by interacting with the onsite counterparts and client teams to make sure that we are all on the same page on our strategies to meet the clients’ expectations.

What makes you most excited about your current role?
The most exciting part of my job is the brainstorming sessions with my team to come up with data strategies. We collaborate, design and deliver solutions as one team to delight our customers.

I am extremely optimistic and excited about the future of Data Science and Technology. I believe Data Science is one of the modern disciplines which is going to gain a lot of momentum in the coming days. With data flowing from all sorts of sources, every business will need to leverage the power of Data Science and Technologies to extract information from complex datasets.

What does it take to become a good Data Solution Lead?
You must be passionate about Data and have the ability to think out-of-the-box. Also, having an aptitude to persist through the challenges in extracting useful information from large datasets and streams of data will help you build a successful career as a solution lead.

You will need to keep yourself abreast of the recent developments around Data Science and Technologies. Being in touch with the data community around the world.

What is the most challenging and favourite parts of your job?
Blending strategy, solutioning, pre-sales and analytics is the most challenging as well as favourite part of my job.

What's something that you've worked on at ValueMomentum that you're proud of?
The three things that I am most proud of are:

  1. Building Assets and Accelerators on Analytics that reduced the entire Analytics Lifecycle time by 50%. This has given us an edge in implementing Machine Learning use cases with greater momentum. We received appreciation from the client for this initiative.

  2. Building competencies on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning that caters to the clients’ growing demands for these capabilities.

  3. Contributing to Client Delivery by building quality deliverables to fulfil our customer expectations and contributing to the Enterprise Sales team’s ability to convert leads.

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