Notification and Disclaimer

We have been made aware that certain individuals/entities have been using fraudulent ValueMomentum email IDs from similar-looking domain name to roll out offer letters to candidates soliciting money on behalf of ValueMomentum

We are trying to address this extremely unfortunate situation in all possible ways. We wish to make everyone aware of these sophisticated scams, especially those seeking employment at ValueMomentum. Please stay vigilant, avoid them, and also protect others from being victims.

As a merit-based employer, ValueMomentum never requests payment of any kind at any stage of recruitment, authorizes anyone to ask for money, or agrees to a monetary agreement as a condition of potential employment with ValueMomentum.

Please know that individuals or entities soliciting money in return for job opportunities or any other condition of employment using ValueMomentum trademarks, websites, or scam email addresses are NOT ValueMomentum representatives.

ValueMomentum will not be obligated to honour the terms or provide employment in relation to fake offer letters and not responsible for any losses (monetary or otherwise), incurred as a consequence.

ValueMomentum never:

  • Releases job offer letters from free internet email services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Rediffmail, Hotmail, and so on.
  • Asks anyone to deposit any payment for giving job offers, whether it is experienced professional or graduate trainee.
  • Authorizes anyone to either collect money or arrive at any monetary arrangement in exchange for a job
  • Appoints any agent/agency/company to advertise about ValueMomentum off-campus hiring or make offers of employment /benefits on its behalf.

How to contact us:

If you receive any unauthorized, suspicious, or fraudulent offers or interview calls or demand for payment against an offer, please report the details to us at