Our Commitment

ValueMomentum has committed to support non-profit organizations for programs for young doctors to work in underserved areas in Public health setup or a private clinic setup, so that the patients can be served effectively in the underserved locations

High quality primary health care services at negligible cost

We are working with United Way Hyderabad to set up a primary care clinic in the state of Telangana. The facility will be equipped with general physicians along with part-time obstetrics & gynecologist and pediatrician. Technology platform will be introduced for effective practice and patient management to enable online consultation with specialized referral doctors who are not currently available at the current location.

As a next step, the doctors were coached on running self-sustaining clinical setups and delivering effective primary care by leveraging Point of Care Platform (PoCT) technology platforms. The program ensured that doctors who participated were paid at par with the industry standard for the next 24 months. The training program for the doctors featured clinical medicine best practices as well as many facets of entrepreneurship, such as Practice Management, Financials, Staffing, Planning, and other topics that can assist a doctor in starting their own practice.

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