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A P&C Insurance Data Modernization Journey

Learn from Pekin Insurance's success

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Property & Casualty insurers are modernizing their data platforms to make the shift from looking at their business from a rear-view mirror to driving intelligent actions in real-time. As a part of this data transformation, there’s a need for insurers to harness the explosion of unstructured data both within the enterprise and from outside, including new sources like social and Internet of Things (IoT). Foundational elements of such modern data platforms include enterprise data warehouse, data lakes, big data platforms, and capabilities that enable business intelligence and advanced analytics.

While the paths to data transformation vary, Pekin Insurance undertook a bold approach to ensure that their modernization initiative accounts for both today’s data needs and also tomorrow’s emerging needs. They did so by incorporating tools to process large sets of disparate data, and gaining better insights into customers, operations, opportunities, and risks. Today, they are well positioned to access new sources of data and provide improved
capabilities to enable better decision making.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Industry trends and the drive for data modernization initiatives
  • Approaches for harnessing data to prepare for current and emerging needs
  • Pekin Insurance’s data transformation journey