Managing Director & Location Head, ValueMomentum Software Services Private Limited, Founding Team Member

Mr. Rao is with ValueMomentum since August 2000 and is responsible for ValueMomentum’s operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

A 31-year old IT industry veteran, Mr. Rao held key positions with Wipro, India and Convergent Software, North America, prior to joining ValueMomentum.

As Managing Director & Location Head, Mr. Rao leads ValueMomentum’s business across Insurance & Financial Services verticals in the Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Rao has been instrumental in establishing ValueMomentum’s strong presence in the Southeast Asian Insurance market. Today, Mr. Rao’s mission is to expand its business in the Asian market.

Mr. Rao is also responsible for ValueMomentum’s Development Centres in Hyderabad where he is charged with driving Quality and organizing and managing cross functional teams geared towards serving customers in a global delivery model.

Mr. Rao has been a part of the HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Enterprise Association) Managing Committee for over the past 12 years . Mr. Rao also served as the General Secretary and Member of the Executive Committee of HYSEA, a registered apex body representing the software industry in Hyderabad from 2018 to 2020.

Mr. Rao holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from BMS College, Bangalore, India.