ValueMomentum helps Broker Dealers, Investment (Asset & Wealth) Managers and Investment Bankers leverage appropriate technology platforms, architectures and design patterns to increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of their business processes.

ValueMomentum combines sustained intellectual property investments, technology expertise and functional experiences to help Capital Market Institutions increase profitability through product innovation, better customer relationships, and reduce cost of operations through streamlined processes and better insights into their Risk function. We are helping our Capital Markets customers respond to this changing regulatory and business landscape by initiatives aimed at streamlining processes for cost saving and those focused on innovative products and business models.

Organizations operating in the Capital Markets industry are facing challenges related to:

  • Legacy technologies impinging on the ability to rapidly develop, test and release new products and business innovation
  • Reduced margins, requiring optimizing and automating business processes and IT delivery
  • Supporting new devices and distribution channels
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to lack of transparency
  • Meeting regulatory compliance requirements with technology solutions

Our Value proposition for Broker Dealers, Investment Managers & Investment Bankers

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Data & Analytics Services

Combine deep industry experience with data technology expertise to gain value and insights from your data towards the goal of becoming a data driven organization.

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Customer Communication Management

Services to streamline document output operations, enable multichannel communications and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Digital & Cloud Services

Leverage your core system data, enrich transactions with content and engage across multiple touchpoints to enable your omni-channel digital strategies.

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Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Achieve quality lift by decreasing defect slippage, shorten cycle-times by increasing throughput, and thereby reduce costs.

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Benefits of Choosing ValueMomentum as your partner

Our functional experiences span across the spectrum of front, middle and back office departments. This domain knowledge helps us in leveraging the right technology to deliver solutions which are helping our customers increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of their business operations.

Rajesh Nambiar

Senior Vice President, Financial Services

"We appreciate the expert consulting service provided by your team in modernizing our Global Cash & Collateral Management System"

Vice President, Global Investment Bank