A Day in the Life of a
Senior Business Analyst
at ValueMomentum :
Harish Mandapuram

Harish Mandapuram, Senior Business Analyst

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad where I pursued my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Master of Business Administration. I started my career at ValueMomentum as a Trainee Business Analyst with the Solution Engineering Research & Development (SERD) team. Today I’m working as a Senior Business Analyst, and I lead ValueMomentum’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions team. Having spent six years in the organization, I can say that I took the best decision of my life by joining ValueMomentum. Undeniably, ValueMomentum provides a good platform to build a bright career in Business Analytics.
What do you work on within the SERD team at ValueMomentum?
I spearhead the development of the PLM solutions team, and the primary focus of my team is to provide solutions to transform the way enterprises manage their product-related processes.

My team’s deliverables add great value to clients’ businesses by enabling them to manage all aspects of their product development lifecycle, starting from product ideation to design, development, delivery, to maintenance. We strive to provide the best solutions based on the client requirements and proactively work on optimizing their business workflow.

Our team leverages Policy Administration System (PAS) tools such as Guidewire and Duck Creek to enable integration with our solutions, both on-premise, and onthe cloud.

What does a typical day look like for a Domain Lead at ValueMomentum?

Typically, my day starts with checking my emails and responding to the ones that need my immediate attention. This is followed by the morning scrum meeting where everyone in the team shares their work updates.

I usually discuss the outstanding issues and roadblocks on the on-going product implementations with the stakeholders. I review the required additions/deletions of certain blocks into the sprint plan along with the implementation teams. I write the necessary user stories for the newly added product block items.

Could you tell us briefly about the current projects you’re focusing on?
The two projects that I’m currently working on are:
  • Developing actuarial rating logic
  • Implementing the rate impact and product assessment.
    • This will help theclient to trace leakage of potential revenue and evaluate the impact of their rate updates on their book of business.
These two projects leverage two of ValueMomentum’s major products - iFoundry and BizDynamics.

What does it take to become a business analyst and product owner?
Empathy for customers’ pain points is one of the key traits that a business analyst should possess. You need to take a keen interest in the operational aspects of customers’ businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their pain points and apply analytical & logical thinking to offer the right solutions. The role demands effective communication and interpersonal skills.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
My job is to deal with cross-functional teams and accordingly prepare product roadmap. Often, translating business problems into software reality is a tough job. At times, this necessitates the inclusion of unplanned deliverables. This requires convincing the project stakeholders for careful modification of the product stack without compromising on the product priorities. So, I find people management as the most challenging part of my job.

What’s is the favorite part of your role?
My role involves interacting with prospects and product management teams. I have always enjoyed interacting with our customers to understand their vision, and accordingly carve out the product roadmap. I empathize with customers’ pain points in their business operations and enjoy building and delivering the right solution quickly to help them overcome those challenges.

What's something that you've worked on at ValueMomentum that you're proud of?
Recently, we had a product demonstration with one of the prospects. I am very glad that I had got an opportunity to represent the team and handle the demonstration. It was a great experience interacting with the prospect, understanding their requirements, and devising an amicable solution to address business problems.

What made you stay with ValueMomentum?
Having been with ValueMomentum for more than six years now, I feel it’s a great place to work! The flat hierarchy in the organization enables easy access to the leadership team for any discussion. Everyone is constantly encouraged with new challenges and opportunities to grow in their careers. All in all, my experience with ValueMomentum has been amazing!

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