IT Services for

Health Payors

ValueMomentum helps health payors with services that help with digital transformation to meet ever-increasing demands from the customer, harness the powerful data locked in enterprise systems to drive insights so as to enhance the lives of people, while realizing high ROI from their IT investments.

ValueMomentum has been a valued partner for many years and we appreciate your company's continuing service excellence and support.

Challenges & Opportunity

Some people see obstacles.

Healthcare payers are looking at ways to improve bottom line by reducing healthcare costs, while focusing on patient outcomes as a means to improve quality of care. Models like “value-based care” are increasingly being adopted to make a move away from “fee-for-service” models. This needs a higher degree of integration between payer and provider systems and easier exchange of high quality data between the two. With the adoption of IoT increases in medical devices and healthcare tracker devices, payors need to prepare themselves to harness this data to improve quality of care. As out-of-pocket expenses increase for patients, consumers will also look for seek greater transparency and accountability for costs and quality.

But you see opportunity.

Healthcare payors can leverage the digital engagement technology tools available today to develop and deploy sales portals for consumers and brokers with tools for guided selling, plan comparison and to automate member application process. Modern customer communications management technologies enable multi-channel delivery, personalization and contextualization across the customer lifecycle to provide a unified consumer experience. Modern data platforms can enable payors to harness troves of data to enhance outcomes and improve quality of care.

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