IT Services for

Healthcare Payers

ValueMomentum provides healthcare payers with solutions that enable faster digital transformation to meet the ever-increasing demands to improve care and quality at optimized costs. Our accelerator-powered solutions and services with deep industry acumen are built to keep you ahead of the race while being interoperable and compliant.

ValueMomentum has been a valued partner for many years and we appreciate your company's continuing service excellence and support.

Challenges & Opportunity

Some people see obstacles.

Healthcare payers are focusing on patient outcomes as means to understand and improve quality of care. While increasing healthcare costs are the ultimate issue for members, providers and payers alike, payers also deal with other issues like:

  • Healthcare Reform
  • Systems Integration
  • Getting Providers onboard
  • Member Experience
  • Social determinants of Health
  • Consumer education of coverage and costs
  • Consumer awareness for Health
  • Utilization Management
  • Risks, Standards & Reporting

Payers need to prepare themselves to harness this data to improve quality of care. To overcome these obstacles, a higher degree of integration between payer and provider systems and an easier exchange of high-quality data is needed.

But you see opportunity.

The key to overcome these challenges is to understand the volume, veracity, velocity, and variety of data. The complexity of data coming from disparate sources makes it even more difficult to derive meaningful insights and take actionable steps.

Valumomentum’s focus on contextuality, completeness and business accuracy ensures that relevant data is enabled for resolving focused use cases. Enabling data comprises of multiple structured processes driven by proprietary assets and accelerators which makes identification of usable data for analytics a lot easier, and faster.

Resources for Healthcare Insurers