Digital Experience Insurance

Top-Five North American Insurer Enhanced Mobile Customer Experience Nationwide

Major, auto-focused U.S. insurer partnered with ValueMomentum’s QA and testing team to build a mobile-testing framework that drives mobile success through several application metrics—from functionality to performance.

Business Challenge

While the insurer enjoyed massive user growth in its mobile channel—its most productive channel, too, as mobile enables self-service and expands communication opportunities—it couldn’t fully take advantage of that growth, much less manage it. Struggling with supporting multiple operating systems, wireless providers, and U.S. regions, the insurer reported increasingly report mobile performance. The insurer needed a comprehensive and resilient mobile testing framework to identify and resolve these issues.

Tools and Technology

ValueMomentum advised the insurer on how to discover and deploy a mobile test automation platform that addresses the greatest number of geographies and service providers. Then, ValueMomentum’s QualityLeap team built a mobile testing framework with 7 HeadSpin-accelerated Appium tools, 1,000+ homegrown accelerators based on Selenium scripts, C#, and Appium, and the customer’s own enterprise testing methodology framework. The QualityLeap team also provided broad testing and technical support—from biometric and mobile cross-browser testing, to AI and TIA support.

Success Factors

One of the most important success factors was simply ValueMomentum’s long, 20+ year history of successfully working with insurers, which provides the company with invaluable insights into the unique business and technical needs that define the insurance sector. Beyond that expertise, the QualityLeap team reworked the existing UFT scripts to be Selenium-compatible, sparing the insurer the very-timing burden of developing automated scripts, maximized the mobile browsing testing coverage across the iOS and Android operating systems to greatly enhance the user experience of the insurer’s user base, and significantly increased the CI/CD pass percentages to reduce test execution labor.


First and most importantly, the insurer now delivers a dramatically improved user experience to its mobile customers, better capitalizing on its most valuable channel. The insurer also enjoys more accurate and actionable mobile application tests, greater test coverage and efficiency, and diminished production slippage. Across the whole spectrum of service providers, the insurer benefits from superior application functionality and performance, solidifying mobile as one of its key competitive advantages.


The insurer was able to maximize mobile browser testing coverage for the iOS and Android operating systems, which dramatically improved the user experience for most of the insurer’s user base.